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When the team is everything

At SEW-EURODRIVE we believe that individual talent is no longer enough: to provide an impeccable service, all departments must be excellent and, above all, they must keep in step with each other.

Our culture and social responsibility is built around enabling people to express their potential. Accordingly, enabling people to grow through delegation and widespread responsibility is central to the empowerment of our entire company.

Unleashing more and more creative energies is the real challenge we want to win today.

The goal - also represented by our vision - is to bring about a fertile environment, a 4.0 culture that unlocks everyone's potential. Creating corporate culture is the linchpin of our strategy and embodies our vision.


+ Occupational health and safety (material topic)
+ Dissemination and growth of a sustainable culture  (material topic)
+ Gender equality
+ Digital culture
+ Enhance skills and wellbeing





From health to wellbeing

We believe it is essential to focus on people's health and safety in a broad sense, with a view to overall wellbeing in the workplace.

We place great emphasis on monitoring everyone’s wellbeing by providing an open, listening and trusting atmosphere.  

This is why, periodically, we take part in the Great Place To Work© survey and we are pleased to have obtained both the national certification that seals our commitment to people and recognition as one of the leading Italian companies ranked for quality of the workplace for production lines.

Skills for a changing world

Training is a fundamental pillar of our social policy. Against the background of rampant digitisation and agile management models, the upskilling and reskilling of people is becoming increasingly strategic.  

To this end, we have embarked on an ambitious training plan whereby the entire company population will receive basic coding and computational thinking skills. For some positions, we have initiated advanced training programmes in data literacy and data governance.


Female empowerment

Another mainstay of internal training is the ambitious programme we have launched for the empowerment of the female population. One interesting aspect of this is the participation of management in the first place, who have become aware of the importance of not falling into gender stereotypes when exercising their leadership. The next step of this initiative, which will be implemented in 2023, will be raising the same awareness in all female staff members to empower their own development potential.


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